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Drilling Machine, Pillar Drill, Radial Drilling, Drilling cum Milling Machine from Ahmedabad, India.


Drilling is the method of carving holes. A machine that drills circular holes in the work piece which may be a metal or wood or any other type of material by using a rotating cutter called drill is known as drilling machine. Drilling machine is a simple machine equipped with parts like base, column or pillar, table, drill head normally driven by an induction motor and spindle that help it to perform the drilling tasks with more efficiency. In drill machine the work piece is held stationary and clamped in a fixed position on the table. Normally tee slots are provided for this function. The worktable can be moved up and down the vertical column and can be clamped at the selected height. The drill is normally located in a three jaw chuck which is rotated by the drive system. The chuck is moved up and down by a feed handle which drives rotating spindle via a rack and pinion mechanism.

The modern day drilling machines are the advanced forms of older manually operated drill machines that were hard to operate and required more labor and time to carry out the drilling tasks. Equipped with powerful motors these are quicker and highly efficient machineries designed for easy, consistent and precise drilling tasks. Efforts to apply drill to the work piece and carrying out drilling tasks are greatly reduced in today's user friendly and automated drill machines.

  • Pillar drilling machine, radial drilling machine, drilling cum milling machine, all-geared drilling machines, V-belt driven drill machines are some of the most widely used forms of drill machines used for various industrial applications and in workshops.
  • The perfect drilling operations are just matter of seconds by a press of button with these advanced drilling machines.
Drilling Machines
Drilling Machine - Pillar Drilling Machine

The pillar drilling machine can be used for material drilling, tapping, lapping, screwing and counter boring applications in various industries. Simple to install, operate and maintain this is a robust and rigid machine fabricated with high quality parts including arm, work head, gears, closed grain cast iron column, EN forged steel spindle and pinion and alloy steel spindle ram, all finished on imported machines.

Parts are manufactured from high grade mild steel to ensure long life and complete corrosion resistance. This is a free standing, high performance giving machine designed with the best quality moving parts finished to close tolerance and world-class construction that enables to take larger drills and perform larger drilling operations with accuracy. Available in wide specifications and features this is the most reliable and high precision pillar drill machine that can be got in wide range of drilling capacities including 13mm, 20mm, 25mm, 38 and 40mm drilling capacity.

Pillar Drilling Machine
Drilling Machine - Radial Drilling Machine

Radial drilling machine is probably one of the most popular types of drilling machine equipped with a radial arm for versatility in its operation, especially on larger and heavier parts.
  • The design of this drilling machine equipped with parts like closed grain cast iron column, high quality arms, geared work head, moving parts finished to close tolerance and steel spindle, pinion and spindle ram, is such that it allows the operator to easily use and maintain the machine and thereby making it more convenient to operate and drill on all kinds of work pieces smaller and even larger.
  • The parts made of high quality steel like EN forged steel main spindle & pinion and steel spindle ram are used here to ensure that they do not get rusted and also show maximum resistance to abrasion. Equipped with high precision drilling parts finished on imported grinding machines this is a highly efficient V-belt driven radial drilling machine available in wide specifications and features for most accurate drilling performance.
  • This is a high precision radial drilling machine which can be got in both fine feed and auto feed models in 25mm and 40mm drilling capacities for selection according to one's specific drilling needs.
Radial Drilling Machine
All Geared Radial Drilling Machine
Drilling Machine - All Geared Radial Drilling Machine

All geared radial drilling machine is a high performance drill machine equipped with gears. With the help of gears the spindle speed of machine can be adjusted thereby enabling precise drilling operations according to one's requirements. All geared drill machine is widely used in industrial and commercial environments where a heavy duty machine capable of production drilling and quick setup changes is required. Available in both auto feed and fine feed models this is a highly efficient radial drilling machine equipped with best quality parts finished on imported machineries.

The parts like main spindle & pinion and spindle ram of this machine are made out of high quality steel to ensure the best resistance to corrosion and abrasion factors. Both the all geared auto feed radial drilling machine and all geared fine feed radial drilling machine are available with us in 40mm and 45mm drilling capacities in M.S and C.I. measures respectively. These are best tools for applications like metalworking where the higher drilling forces and adjustable speed is required.

Drilling Cum Milling Machine
Drilling Machine - Drilling Cum Milling Machine

Drilling cum milling machine is a two-in-one machine that enables to perform both drilling and milling operations at the same time.
  • This is a robust and highly reliable industrial machine with which multiple tasks including surface milling, slotting, drilling and material tapping can be performed quickly with ease.
  • Available in 40mm and 35mm drilling capacities in C.I. and M.S. measures respectively, this is a high quality drilling machine equipped with geared head for custom spindle speed adjustment.
  • Auto Feed drilling cum milling machine and all-geared drilling cum milling machine are the two best models designed for most accurate and high precision performances.

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